LCD Displays

E-Motive LCD displays are modern and visually appealing and will transform your elevator and building public areas to an innovative communications platform.

  • iS2LX Multimedia LCD Display

    iS2LX Multimedia LCD Display

    Building upon the success of the iS2, our iS2LX Multimedia LCD display supports graphic rich multimedia content which offers a greater level of flexibility when customising your screens.

  • PRP Retrofit Picture LCD Display

    The E-Motive PRP is the only option for easily upgrading to an eye-catching LCD solution. Easily fit the PRP retrofit display without having to worry about replacing the entire COP, wiring up to the controller, having the correct lift protocol or having the wrong configuration on the display.

  • Panorama Multimedia Ultra-Wide LCD

    A revolutionary next-generation elevator media display, E-Motive Panorama provides stunningly crisp, exciting visuals for an informative entertainment elevator experience.

  • Picture LCD C1L

    A cost-effective colour LCD display which is optimally suited for both factory OEM and project solutions.