• Safeguarding more than 3 million

    iconic buildings across

    the globe

  • Delivering innovative, high quality,

    engineering solutions

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    Pushing the boundaries of

    elevator display technology

  • Exceeding customer expectations

    through our diverse product range

Janus Elevator Products

Janus is a brand of AVIRE (along with E-Motive, Memco, TL Jones and Microkey) and has been operating since 1988. Janus celebrates over 25 years as a reliable and respected provider of elevator products and components into the industry. We offer premium security communication devices and elevator displays, safety and monitoring solutions.

We manufacture detectors, EMS and VPP emergency telephone systems as well as high end LCD displays. Our products can be seen in places like the New York Stock Exchange, Trump Tower and Rockefeller Center in New York City, as well as in the Pentagon and John Hopkins Medical Center.

Our products safeguard and interact with the everyday elevator user. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high standards of engineering combined with excellent customer service and local technical support for when you need it.

Delivering premium quality, easy and hassle-free service is extremely important to us. At Janus we work with a large range of customers but always seek to find the best solution for each individual.